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November 2012
Look Smart Play Smart

Finicky was pleased to be invited to support the Guildford Rugby Club for their 2012/13 season and provide after match shirts to the players as an incentive for their man-of-the-match awards. This provides a great incentive to the players according to John Hines, Commercial Director of the London Two South-West team and the feedback from the players has been very positive to date.
This is part of Finicky's strategy of community engagement where we look to support various sporting and business organisations, fund-raising events and charities.

October 2012
Shirts, Just How You like 'Em


You know what a picky bugger you can be. Take shirts. You find one you like but the collar's not quite right. Or the cuffs are the wrong shape. Or you like it but it's a shame it doesn't have a contrasting collar. Or you don't like the concealed buttons. Well, for you finicky lot, there are now Finicky Shirts, where you pretty much design your own shirts online and they arrive - hey bingo! - in the post.

The way it works is, you visit the Finicky Shirts website, choose your colour or pattern, then choose your body shape (we're going for slim, obviously), choose your collar shape, your cuff shape, whether you want the buttons exposed or concealed, whether you want the collar in a contrasting colour... you get the picture. Then, obviously having used their handy size guide to work out the perfect fit, you submit and they make up the shirt to your specifications. Yes, it really is as easy as that to have tailor-made shirting. Smart for town!

October 2012
Finicky Participates in Study on How British Business Banks Could Help SME's Succeed

The British Business Bank received a boost this morning from a national study which confirmed that a business bank could help SMEs to succeed.
The launch of the study by accountants Kingston Smith, at Google Campus in East London, found that a flow of “patient” capital to high-growth SMEs is needed and would be welcomed by the SME community.
“We found that SMEs mostly borrow from family or friends or re-invest retained profits, but these sources are often inadequate for the growth needs of businesses,” explains study director, Professor David Gray.
“Our research shows that banks come a poor third in terms of finance sources – which is disappointing given that the UK is considered to be a market economy. SMEs need ‘patient’ capital, finance that is there for the longer term. This is the only way to stimulate and sustain high-growth businesses.”
The findings also show that the majority of SMEs (58%) used just one source of finance to start their business, while 42% continued to rely on just one funding source to sustain their business.
Interestingly, the research reveals that successful SMEs regard greater customer satisfaction (89%) and greater customer retention (86%) as two of the top three factors when evaluating year-on-year success for their business. The other was increasing business profits (86%).
The report also identifies factors that help produce innovation and business success among SMEs. It credits the growing importance of entrepreneurial learning schemes, such as mentoring, plus social media for contributing to SME successes.

September 2012
Finicky Shirts: the one where we discover that Daddy is a really weird shape

My Daddy is a short-arse. I've heard him say so himself, so I know I'm allowed to say it too. I'm not sure why then, when I tell my little brother he is a 'pain in the arse' I get into trouble for using a square-word.

August 2012
Designed, Sealed, Delivered It's Yours…

Ordering clothes online can be a bit of a gamble; but, providing you can tell your cuffs from your collar, getting a shirt from Finicky is a piece of cake, says Pete Simpson of Square Mile. Read more…

August 2012
Finicky Shirts, Creators of simply outstanding quality bespoke shirts unique to your own style, colour and choice of fabric.

Finicky create shirts of outstanding quality each made to the personal preferences of our customers. Read more……

July 2012
What I absolutely neeeeeeeeed for Christmas!

Yes, I know! It is way too early to be thinking about what I need for Christmas 2012, and yet…. I just cannot help myself! Next up Daddy and Uncle Ben. Daddy used to be happy at Fat Face, but since his mid-life crisis kicked in, his old faves have become too mainstream. I cringe at the weird grey stuff he buys in the name of cool these days, from darkened shops befitting teenagers rather than – dare I say it? – middle age. I have therefore discovered Finicky Shirts, who will create a shirt to Daddy’s requirements. Read more…

July 2012
Finicky Groom

If your groom-to-be is finicky about his clothing and you are worried about his groom attire for your big day, then take a look at Finicky (
Finicky specialise in made-to-measure luxury tailored shirts for men, and offer an online design and order service - worldwide. Your groom could design his own wedding shirt to his specific requirements, choosing from a wide choice of outstanding quality and style options. Read more…

June 2012
CDCLifestyle present a round-up of luxury Father’s Day Gifts

Finicky are pleased to announce that we have been included in the latest news for CDC Lifestyle, the luxury lifestyle magazine, please see below the link to a super piece of editorial media coverage for Finicky. Finicky Shirts are included in their Father’s Day newsletter. is a digital luxury lifestyle guide, providing exclusive member privileges covering luxury products, fashion, fine dining, entertainment and travel. See more….